Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc.

Medical Innovation

We are committed to the development of ground-breaking products in the areas of hemostasis and wound healing. Our solutions are engineered based upon unique poly-N-acetyl glucosamine fibers derived from microalgae.

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ImprovingPatient Outcomes

Our innovative solutions offer high rates of success, safety and reproducibility for a range of medical procedures including wound treatment, hemostasis for vascular catheterization and severe bleeding control.

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InspiredEvery Day

Our work motivates all of us at MPT to think creatively, push our limits and imagine new ways to improve patient health and quality of life.

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Press Releases

Engineering Advanced Medical Solutions

Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc. (MPT) is an innovative medical device company focused on the development and delivery of biomaterials for the medical field. Since 1992, we've introduced ground-breaking products in the areas of wound healing, hemostasis and the control of severe bleeding to support healthcare providers and their patients.

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