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Diabetic? You don't need to skip the holiday treats
November 25, 2013

The holidays are a time commonly associated with things like family time, a spirit of giving, and, well, lots and lots of delicious but probably unhealthy foods. Feasts are the theme of the season, and that can be problematic for diabetics.

But how should diabetics tackle a time filled with treats and comfort foods that they need to be careful around? When it comes to sweets, the hosts of the video below offer a few alternatives to favorites like caramel apples and hot chocolate. There are always other options for indulging your sweet tooth that won’t be as risky for diabetics, such as using low-sugar caramel sauces with apple slices or avoiding hot chocolate with added sugars and marshmallows.

And what about those other holiday staples, like popular Thanksgiving side dishes? Try mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. One of the video’s hosts, Dr. Colleen Kristbaum, says she thinks people will be “pleasantly surprised” by mashed cauliflower. (We’ve had it; it’s delicious).

For more options and alternatives, check out the video. It has some simple tips to keep your holiday eating healthy but still delicious:

Tips For Making Smart Holiday Food Choices

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