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Go Red For Women
February 1, 2013

go redHeart disease is the number one killer of women. Caused by plaque buildups in arteries that disrupts blood flow, a process known as atherosclerosis, heart disease can lead to a number of conditions and ultimately result in heart failure. Heart disease kills a woman every minute.

But while the details and statistics are frightening, we must remember that heart disease is a condition we can fight.

With the right diet, we can take control. A diet high in fruits and vegetables, as well as fish, but low in saturated fats, will give you the nutrition you need to ward off plaque buildup.

Exercise improves blood flow, lowers your cholesterol and manages your blood pressure, all things critical to a healthy heart. Join a gym, or just get outside walking for even a few minutes a day to improve your outlook.

One of the leading causes of heart disease is smoking. Many studies have shown the dangers of smoking, which causes any number of health problems, illnesses, and cancer. In fact, smoking can double your risk of heart disease or having a stroke. It’s time to kick the habit!

There’s a lot more we can do to prevent and treat heart disease. Marine Polymer Technologies works every day on products to help those recovering from heart disease-related surgeries, but we also want to encourage prevention and awareness of this deadly condition. After all, information is one of the best weapons doctors and patients have to fight deadly and debilitating illnesses.

This week, the team at MPT joins the American Heart Association to support Go Red For Women on February 1. Dress in red, make a donation, and help us fight for your heart.

Source: American Heart Association

What are you doing to support heart health? Let us know!

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