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Heroes helping hearts: Treating congenital heart valve disease in children
December 27, 2013

Here at MPT, we talk a lot about heart disease, but normally when we do, we’re talking about adult patients. But the truth is that children can suffer from their own heart-related ailments. In this video, we learn a bit about Dr. Chris Baird at Boston Children’s Hospital, who has devoted himself to helping children with heart valve problems.

“These kids come in and they have a major, life-threatening problem,” Baird says, “and when you fix it and send them home with their parents, it’s quite rewarding.”

We couldn’t agree more. This holiday season, our hat’s off to Dr. Baird and the other hardworking men and women across the country and the globe who dedicate themselves to the difficult but important task of making our children healthier.

Cardiac Caregiver - Chris Baird - Boston Children’s Hospital

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