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How much exercise should your diabetic child be doing?
December 8, 2013

Just how much exercise does it take to reduce your child’s risk of developing diabetes? Not much, and your kids might just enjoy doing it. The video below, released by the Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, Florida, looks briefly at what happens to kids’ bodies if they do develop diabetes, and what it takes to avoid it.

"The biggest issue that you see is the diabetes and the high blood sugar. And the reason for that is that your body's insulin, the hormone that helps you control the blood sugars, is less effective," says Dr. Asjad Khan, pediatric endocrinologist with the Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida.

So what about that exercise? A study showed that just 20 minutes of exercise helped cut the risk of your child developing diabetes. The children were in better shape, with less body fat, and fewer markers for potential problems later on down the road.

And it certainly looks like those kids are enjoying it. Check out the video for more:

20 Min Exercise Cuts Kids’ Diabetes Risk

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